Our facility

Twogene DNA Factory

Our facility is located at the National Biopharmaceutical Facility building at King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi, Bangkhunthien campus. We are located approx. 1 hour from both airports serving Bangkok’s metropolitan areas and 30 minutes from Bangkok CBD by car.

Our Facility

Microbial Fermentors

Our 15, 50 and 500L GMP compliant fermenter systems from Bioengineering are designed with CIP/SIP-

Combined with our proprietary pDNA manufacturing technology, we deliver top-quality high- yield products to the customers.

Cell Culture Bioreactors

Our CIP/SIP-able 30, 120 and 500L GMP compliant Celligen bioreactor systems from Eppendorf are equipped with state of the art controlling systems. An online metabolite monitoring system can be equipped based on customer’s requirement.

Tangential Flow Filtration

Multiple sets of Tangential Flow Filtration systems provided by PALL Corp ranging from 0.1 m2 to 10m2 filtering area can be utilized for both micro- and ultrafiltration purposes. Temperature Control Units can be connected to the system to allow for processing at controlled temperatures.


State-of-the-art chromatography machines from Cytiva are considered our work horses in the downstream processing. Our Äkta Pilot and Äkta Process machines provide pump capacities of up to 600 L/hr for swift processing even fore larger scale manufacturing.

Precision Plasmids, Pioneering Progress.​