Cutting Edge Plasmid DNA Platform

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Twogene operates a 2000 sqm facility designed to handle a broad range of productions from 1L to 500L. 

At Twogene, our aim as a CDMO is clear: 

1L - 500L

To support your ambitions, we operate a 2000 m2 facility designed to handle a broad range of productions from 1L to 500L.

Our MSAT laboratory

Twogene MSAT labs are equipped with 7 lab-scale bioreactors (1-5L) and30L stainless steel bioreactor.  And state-of-the-art downstream processing technologies, such as liquid chromatography and filtration devices, enables us to optimize production parameters for the scale-up of your project. 

When partnering with us, our team of specialists will handle your project with care and precision to deliver top of the range plasmid DNA and recombinant protein yields in the best turn-around time.

Our GMP Factory

We operate a proprietary gmp compliant process ensuring robust and reproducible production for high-quality plasmid dna and protein, meeting the regulatory requirements for clinical material. 

Our 2000 sqm production facilities equipped with grade C and D cleanroom environments allow for small-scale GMP capabilities for manufacturing of master and working cell banks as well as large-scale GMP compliant production of pdna and proteins in top-of-the range stainless steel bioreactors of 15, 50 and 500L.

In combination with our qa capabilities, we also offer services for stability studies and drug susbtance and drug product release.

Our Technology Platform

We are using cutting-edge technologies for protein, microbial and nucleic acid characterization to ensure sample integrity throughout the process. Such technologies include ELISA, endotoxin assays, qPCR & ddPCR, HPLC, LCMS-QTOF, SEC MALDI-TOF.

Our production conditions are rigorously tracked through systematic process monitoring, including  cleanrooms, water and steam systems, in compliance with international GMP guidelines.

Cutting Edge Factory

2000 m2


1l - 500L



compliant productions


turn-around time

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